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Beijing Climate

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Beijing Climate
Climate in Beijing is defined as "Continental Monsoon." And the four seasons are distinctly recognizable there with a temperate spring, rainy summer, clear autumn, and a cold, snowy winter. You will fell the dust storm, Sweltering, Getting cold, and Stupidly Cold in Beijing.
If you are lucky, and get to choose when you arrive, we suggest you come somewhere between Sweltering and Getting cold, which would be late August, early September. Luckily, like Paris, you do not need particularly good weather to have a good time. The best time for you going to Beijing is spring and autumn, particularly in the months of April, May, September and October. In autumn, the skies are clear and the weather is very comfortable. Unfortunately, spring and autumn are shorter than summer and winter.
The average temperature throughout the year is 11.80. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -4.60 and the hottest month is July at an average temperature of 26.10.
The temperature in summer usually ranges from 28 - 39 degrees centigrade. Highest temperature ever recorded was 42 degrees centigrade. The average precipitation in a year is 644 mm. The frost-free period is 180-days. Sometimes, there is not a dust storm every day, but you can guarantee one or two at the very least.  During this period sand is picked up from the Gobi desert and dumped onto the cars, people and buildings of Beijing.
The temperature in winter usually ranges from -18 to 5 degrees centigrade, so be sure to pack your ski jacket or you'll have to resort to picking up a fake North Face jacke

t at the Xiu Shui market.  Lowest temperature ever recorded was -27 degrees centigrade.
Although winter is technically longer, that should not keep you from traveling to Beijing as indoor heating is widely available. Nevertheless, as the indoor/outdoor temperature difference is rather large, travelers should be prepared with warm clothing and a thick coat is recommended for the colder months of the year. In winter, off-season discounts are to be had as well.