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Guilin Food and Restaurants

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Guilin Food and Restaurants
Guilin Food and Restaurants

Guilin cuisine is typified by its sweetness and delicate use of spice and chili. Bamboo leaves stuffed with sweet rice and rice noodles are the two great snacks available all over Guilin and are a delicious snack.
Guilin cuisine is known for its snacks and the use of spices. Often characterized by its sweetness and a touch of spice, the flavor of Guilin is indeed unique. Traditional ingredients of Guilin recipes include (somewhat to the horror of animal lovers) dog and turtle meats!  However, the vast varieties of local dishes here make it possible for one to sample the distinct flavor of Guilin without having to come into contact with those meats. 

☆ Food                                                                                            
● Lipu Taro looped Meat
This famous dish is made of taro from Lipu combined with streaky pork with skin, pepper, mashed onion, preserved bean-curd of Guilin, cooking wine, sugar etc. The final product is golden and aromatic with taro's scent. Guilin Rice Noodles
● Guilin Rice Noodle
The Guilin rice noodle is a local snack and the resident
s' favorite.Guilin Rice Noodles have been the local breakfast staple since the Qin dynasty and are renowned for their delicate taste. Legend has it that when Qin troops suffering from diarrhea entered this region, a cook created the Guilin rice noodles for the army because they had trouble eating the local food. Specifically, the local specialty is noodles with horse meat, but this dish can also be ordered without the horse meat.
● Glutinous Rice Dumpling
The glutinous rice dumpling in Guilin is made of sticky rice with stuffing made of mungbean flour, Chinese chestnut, Lipu taro, peanuts, black bean, and pork.There are several shapes of dumplings such as triangle rice dumpling, wrap rice dumpling, pillow rice dumpling and cool rice dumpling.
● The Meat of Dog of Lingchuan
The meat of dog of Lingchuan of Guilin is well-known, known as "peerless delicious food". Select puppy which hair color is first-class , six kilometers is wonderful generally, cut meat it takes to be even every time, each takes covers, can't add water while just entering the pan, do and fry braising yellowly with the warm fire, mix sand ginger, amomum, big fennel, little fennel spices when boiling, with familiar and not rotten, it is good to be fragrant but not burnt. In front of having the desk, gushed out three colored wine, drenched the bean curd milk, dog's meat has strong fragrant smell, and the meat is rotten and delicious. Food in winter is better.
● Clam Jie Stew the Whole Chicken
Adopt size one 3 yellow chick, a pair of clams Jie, mixes the longan pulp and condiments, several stretches of fire are scalded in it, then cover the earthen bowl mouths by sand stick paper, on envelope to hot oven. Have sweet-smelling to be strong moistening the lung and relieving the cough, it is invigorate the kidney the function and to tonify Male.

☆ Restaurants
● Guilin Restaurant
Add: Mid Zhongshan Rd
Tel: 5822588
● Jufulin Restaurant
Address: 10 Zhengyang Road
Tel: 2829542
● Xiaonanguo Restaurant
Address: 15 West Jiefang Road
Tel: 2883558
● Laozihao Qingji Rice Noodle Restaurant
Add: Opposite to Bus Station
Tel: 2822515
● Chunjie Shao'e Restaurant
Address: 6 Sanlidian Road
Tel: 5808518
● Guilin Ren Restaurant
Address: 27 Yiren Road
Tel: 2810543
● Xufu Restaurant
Add: #2 North Dianzi Mansion , South Zhongshan Road , Guilin
Tel: 3835026
● Tonglai Restaurant
Add: Zhonglu, Zhongshan
Tel: 282549
● Red Apple Restaurant
Add: under the arch on Yinding Rd.
Tel: 3824678
● Zhengyang Soup City
Add: #60 Zhengyang Rd.
Tel: 2858553
● Laozihao Qingji Rice Noodle Restaurant
Add: Opposite to Bus Station
Tel: 2822515
● Wangjiao Restaurant
Address: 268 Zhongshan Zhong Road
Tel: 2825929