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Shopping in Zhuhai

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Shopping in Zhuhai
Shopping in Zhuhai

Situated on at a junction of fresh and salt water, Zhuhai is in the unique position of having access to a huge variety of maritime products. Its main local specialties are oyster oil, crabs, eel and pearls. Local products are widely available in department stores, markets and specialty stores in the city.Recently, supermarkets have been becoming more popular in Zhuhai, edging out the smaller more traditional markets and general stores, which increases the range of available goods, but also destroys the atmosphere created by local markets and smaller shops. The four main shopping areas in the city are the Jinashan, Yingbin, Fenghuang and the Lianhua Road shopping areas. Do not expect to find numerous antiques or non-conventional souvenirs in Zhuhai.

Recommend for Shopping
● Jingshan Lu Shopping Area
A new addition to the Zhuhai shopping scene, the Jingshan Road area is home to a number of new malls, a duty-free shop, supermarket and department stores.
● Yingbin Nanlu Shopping Area
You can find the Yingbin Road shopping area spread around the Zhuhai Port Plaza. Along the road are a number of shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets and entertainment facilities. It is a 24-hour shopping area, convenient for visitors suffering from jetlag.
● Fenghuang Lu Shopping Area
Old Zhuhai's downtown hosts the Fenghuang shopping area. It has a lot of character; there are small boutiques and roadside stores selling brand-name products and other interesting items. The two larger draws of the areas are the Xiangzhou Department Store and Jusco Supermarke
t. Unfortunately, however, the whole area has been slated for a thorough 'renovation', so it won't be the way it is for much longer.
● Lianhua Lu Shopping Area
At Lianhua Road, shoppers can find smaller shops in which to buy clothing, ornaments and daily necessities.
● Zhuhai Department Square
Zhuhai Department Square carries a wide variety of commodities including cosmetics, garments, hats, shoes, electronic appliances, bedding and linens. There are also many services providers available here such as banks, a post office, photo and film developing, a flower shop, and restaurants.
● Duty-Free Plaza
The state-owned duty-free plaza of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone specializes in international brand-name commodities.